Engaging Talent 

As we discussed in Part I, understanding the Why behind the massive exodus of talent is only the first step. Best case response involves two actions: Retaining current talent (see part I for strategies) and proactively engaging the talent that may be fleeing in droves from other companies.

Engagement Strategies

Take a deep look at your hiring process –

  1. Do you have a deep enough talent pool?

Maintaining a talent pool of sourced candidates, talent profiles from LinkedIn and other networking sites, passive candidates, referrals from current (and exiting) staff, etc. Include connections with women’s forums, ethnic organizations, various demographic groups, veterans, etc. –a diverse talent pool will ensure a diverse team essential to long-term success. A deep talent pool will reduce recruiting costs and time to hire. In addition, it improves your hires by helping you tap into and identify strong candidates early in the process –sometimes even before a position has opened. HR sourcing software tools and/or a reputable staffing company can help you build a talent pool.

  1. Are you communicating with talent?

Whether you send a quarterly e-letter, connect on LinkedIn, FB, and other social media channels, or send an email to a referred candidate, keeping consistent, open communication and building relationships with diverse talent are essential.

  1. Have you identified the ideal talent for different positions? Do you have accurate, attractive job descriptions?

Both are vital to engaging the best talent. An attractive job description that accurately portrays the job requirements and responsibilities, salary, benefits, remote and hybrid opportunities, and flexibility enables potential candidates to recognize positions of interest. In addition, identifying the ideal candidate allows you to screen respondents effectively.

  1. Are you set up for remote interviews?

In today’s market, many potential candidates seek positions that will allow them to work at least part of the time remotely. So what better way to demonstrate your prowess in this area than with a smoothly-run remote interview?

Consider the Candidate Experience –

The supply and demand are not in your favor, but even if it were, an engaging candidate experience wins big.

  1. Keep your application process streamlined and user-friendly.

Respond quickly to online applications, email inquiries, etc. Confirm that you have received their information and will be connecting with them promptly. Provide reasonable expectations for the process and stick to your established timelines. If they aren’t the talent you are currently seeking, let them know and thank them for applying. Ask to keep their resume on hand. Maybe they’ll be perfect for a future position.

  1. Keep communications open and active.

Connect one-on-one when building a specific relationship. Be available when candidates have questions. Provide prompt feedback. Ask for feedback too, and actively listen to responses. Honor your candidate’s communication preferences. Keep them informed throughout the process, indicating whenever they move to the next level. Research shows that more than 50% of candidates refer friends, reapply for other positions, and stay loosely connected with companies if they receive feedback the same day they are interviewed.

  1. Showcase your company’s culture, values, goals, of course, but be genuine in the process.

Leverage your social media platforms to highlight your company’s points of attraction. Include videos and podcasts. Entice candidates – give them a reason to be enthusiastic about the opportunity to work for your company. Nine of ten candidates will research a company before applying for a position.

  1. Treat each candidate with respect – ensure they feel valued and appreciated.

Even if a candidate chooses to go elsewhere, they will share their experience with others –and negative experiences tend to travel the loop at lightning speed.

 Bottom line: Companies must be intentional about their hiring process and committed to an engaging candidate experience if they want to stay a step ahead of the worker exodus. Connect with Global Technical Search and boost your efforts. We’re here to help your company hire the people you need.