Inside the 2366, new USS Firm-C emerged of a-temporal crack

Borg Queen

In 2063, into the Borg assault towards Organization-E, which had turned up on year 2373, Research is actually abducted because of the a beneficial Borg drone. Not able to absorb the brand new android os, the latest Borg Queen attempted to bribe Investigation on subservience by providing him alive flesh unlike his polymer. Investigation played together, with suggested sexual affairs to the Borg King, which wished him given that a partner to relieve the fresh new loneliness off the woman role since the anyone on Collective, Study basically ‘replacing’ Locutus. Data sooner or later deceived the Borg Queen, killing the lady with warp engine coolant, that can got rid of brand new tissue she got grafted to your. The guy subsequently admitted so you’re able to Picard you to part of him is still disappointed about the lady death, noting one to the woman bring to create your nearer to Humanity had temporarily lured your (albeit for 0.68 mere seconds, a duration that, considering Studies, translates – to possess an android os – in order to “nearly forever”). ( Superstar Trek: Very first Contact )

Solution knowledge and you may timelines

Their disappearance about season 2344 caused an altered timeline, in which the Federation is actually dropping a war contrary to the Klingons. Analysis was still the latest ship’s operations manager. ( TNG : ” Yesterday’s Agency “)

Lieutenant Worf discovered a good quantum fissure and therefore brought about him to start progressing anywhere between quantum truth from inside the 2370. In lots of universes, Investigation had been the fresh Enterprise’s procedures manager, and you can went to a surprise party having Worf. From inside the at least one of these truth, Data’s attention were blue as opposed to its feature red-colored.

In another reality, Analysis was still the operations manager and you can next manager however, is outranked by the Leader Worf, which served just like the ship’s earliest manager under Head Riker, Picard having been shed from the Competition away from Wolf 359 from inside the 2367. It kind of Data theorized it could well be you can easily so you’re able to secure brand new fissure in case the shuttlecraft Curie regarding top facts re-entered brand new fissure and you may emitted a broad spectrum warp occupation. Based on Head Picard, the information from the prie achievement. Most of the events adopting the Worf’s stumble on was basically deleted on schedule since the fissure is actually sealed. ( TNG : ” The thing is that “)

Inside the an unidentified, alternate upcoming timeframe, Studies is actually a professor (new Lucasian Professor from Mathematics) on Cambridge School and existed at the Isaac Newton’s house or apartment with good housekeeper and several kittens. Frequently contained in this coming, he previously fully understood the idea of humor, proclaiming that his housekeeper Jessel produced your laugh. In addition, their relaxed message had alot more nuance and inflection, in which he did actually have get over the usage contractions. He’d as well as colored element of his locks gray as he considered that it produced your lookup well-known. Yet not, Jessel is actually of viewpoint so it generated him look like a “soft skunk.” ( TNG : ” Most of the Good stuff. “)


  • Lt. Reginald Barclay when you look at the 2366 recreated at the very least two Datas as he is enduring holo-addiction. One to program had Data included in the Three Musketeers, as the most other reproduced the entire team of one’s Firm-D. One sport of information was present when Barclay told you good-bye so you’re able to their aspirations and you may removed the latest software. ( TNG : ” Empty Activities “)
  • Barash recreated the whole order crew of Organization-D from inside the 2367 on Leader Onias III to save Frontrunner Riker around. So it athletics occurred for the a good 2383 where Analysis was advertised so you can Frontrunner together with get to be the earliest administrator. ( TNG : ” Upcoming Incomplete “)
  • A computer breakdown aboard the fresh USS Company-D because the holo resulted in the letters taking on the appearance of Studies in the 2369. ( TNG : ” A Fistful of Datas “)