1109, 2021

Making Remote Work, Work

By |September 11, 2021|Blog|

Reality: Remote work is here to stay. In fact, a survey by newly-launched Growmotely reveals that – - A whopping 97% of employees and entrepreneurs want to work at least part of the time remotely. - And 74% of professionals expect remote work to be the new standard, Hence, the issue at hand is not [...]

1208, 2021

The Great Resignation – Part II  

By |August 12, 2021|Blog|

Engaging Talent  As we discussed in Part I, understanding the Why behind the massive exodus of talent is only the first step. Best case response involves two actions: Retaining current talent (see part I for strategies) and proactively engaging the talent that may be fleeing in droves from other companies. Engagement Strategies Take a deep [...]

1607, 2021

The Great Resignation – Part I

By |July 16, 2021|Blog|

There is a lot of discussion about "The Great Resignation," coined by Professor Anthony Klotz, Texas A&M. Why is it looming on the horizon, and how should companies respond? The WHY revolves around the – you guessed it – pandemic. The last 16 months have been a challenge, but the pandemic also brought some positive [...]

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